My Friends Call Me Molly

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I apologize for the lack of activity over the last couple months. I moved out into my own place and have had no internet, and it’s a bit of a pain to post on my phone. Give me a few weeks and hopefully we’ll have some internet. I feel like I’m gonna hit a posting spree as I get excited for LIC and Paradiso!! Woooo!! Thanks for following still.






One hell of a drug. Holy fuckin shit.


I walked into the room dripping in gold

driftingwonderland asked: Well I love your blog, even if you don't post everyday! It's awesome :). So this is an objection! And are you going to Lucky??? :)

Haha thanks :) I’m not making any decisions on deleting right away. Wanted some feedback first. And I don’t think I’ll be going to Lucky this year. I need to save my funds for some responsible adult stuff. So next show is maybe Life in Color and then Paradiso for sure :)